Supply management system is designed for an effective organisation of the procurement division operations of the company. All procurement positions can be easily imported into the elements of the formation tool from a table of any type for a new procurement division order. While the data is being imported, the system automatically filters the said data and applies it to the data formats used by the system. Furthermore, during the registration, all of the data is verified for the type of data and compliance with logical values. This way the possibility of human error is reduced to a minimum. The system comes preinstalled with management tools for the supplier database, therefore, the employees are able to quickly assign the appropriate suppliers to the procurement positions, and at the same time reduce the time expenses. An advanced and swift position display and filtration algorithm is also implemented within the system. Therefore, every user is able to specify a preferred filter according to their needs, this allows them to view only the necessary positions at the specific time on screen. The system effectively processes and displays very large amounts of data to the user and also registers all of the accounting actions for the position.


• The system terminals allow for an easy access to the ongoing procurement information, and a streamlined supervision of an ongoing progress of a specific procurement position

• Clearly defined responsibility of separate chains

• Automated notification system for persons concerned

• Simple and streamlined graphical interface of the system terminals reduce the need for employee training on the use of the said system to a minimum

• Registration function for every performed action ensures a fast process of determining the employees responsible for certain actions

• The supplier database and its management tool enables the possibility to quickly find the necessary supplier and at the same time reduces the time expenses

• Real time data synchronization enables the possibility for a large number of users to work on the same information

• Advanced data filtering function enables the possibility to work with the necessary information only

• Automated standardization and checking feature of the imported data reduces the possibility of human error to a minimum


To create a system with a functionality that allows for an effective organisation of the client’s procurement division operations. All of the procurement positions and the information related to them has to be easily registered and accessible at any time using the system terminals. The graphical interface of the terminals has to be streamlined, clear and understandable, and at the same time enable the possibility to filter all active positions according to any or all requisites. The system has to able to handle large amounts of procurement positions.