Our services

CBS (Concept Business Solutions) – The main activities of the CBS (Concept Business Solutions) company include creation of unique information systems, precise implementation and responsible maintenance of the said systems. It is of paramount importance that you receive maximum benefits through optimal time savings by investing into CBS provided solutions.


The implemented projects stand out with their uniqueness and high level of individuality. After the coordination on the client's functional requests for the system that would be the best fit for the needs of the company and their clients, we thoroughly perform our task.


System integration

During the system integration period, several systems used at the company are connected together. The said connection of systems substantially reduces the time and cost expenses, and also helps avoid duplication of data and the need for inefficient manual work.


MQL programming

MetaQuotes Language (abbreviation MQL) is an integrated programming language used for implementation of strategies and their development within automated worldwide currency, stock and raw material markets.



Website creation is a creation kit that comprises of programming, graphical design, and content management system for selecting or adapting the said content together with a text content creation kit that results in a website catering to your needs.