The system for gathering data and statistics is designed to gather and analyse the voluntarily provided personal data by the visitors of the shopping centre that is managed by the client. By use of the functions implemented in the system, the employees of the marketing division of the shopping centre are able to enter the data of the visitors in to the system and perform search commands on the previously mentioned data and are also able to carry out any necessary corrections. Furthermore, where necessary, they can form basic and cross-reports including various shopping centre attendance indicators based on the said data. The system analyses and interprets the gathered data and also presents reports in the form of text or graphs. These reports can be exported to various graphical and .xls format files. The system automatically encrypts all of the essential user and visitor personal data.


• All of the data of the shopping centre visitors is located in one place and easily accessible by the responsible employees

• Completion, standardization, and verification functions of the entered data reduce the possibility of errors and also save time

• Clear reports of the statistical indicators provide useful information on the various aspects of the shopping centre attendance

• The generated lists of the voluntarily provided information by the visitors of the shopping centre, allow a possibility to use the said information for the marketing purposes of the shopping centre

• Access supervision and encryption ensure protection of the said data.


Create a management system for the shopping centre visitor database with the function for presenting statistical information. The information input tools have to be designed is such a way that the information input process would be automated as much as possible. The system has to be able to present reports on necessary parameters in the form of text or graphs and also to be able to export the generated reports as .xls files. The essential data has to be encrypted and accessible only to the verified system users.