Implementation of a fast and stable system for teacher registration that can be easily operated by the little shopping centre attendants. The user interface of the program is designed for use with a touch sensitive screen and is very easy to use. The program is fully secured against any unintentional and foul actions of the user.


• Streamlined and easily understandable system user interface

• The user interface is fully compliant with the use of touch sensitive screens

• Automated completion and filling the intended information

• Quick and swift election for the most popular teachers and list formation of


To create a system that would allow the little attendants of the shopping centre the ability to register their most beloved teacher. The system also has to be able to trace the number of times a certain teacher has been registered and to compile the list for the winning teachers. The user interface has to be fully compliant with the use of touch sensitive screens, and the software, itself, has to be protected from any attempts to turn off the program or any other foul actions using the terminals located within the shopping centre.