The implemented projects stand out with their uniqueness and high level of individuality. After the coordination of the functional requests of the client for the system that would be the best fit for the needs of the company and their clients, we thoroughly perform the task given to us. We believe that the efficiency of the systems resides behind its functionality and not within the surroundings of the said system, therefore, we are creating clear and streamlined systems.

Project implementation is carried over several stages:

Analysis of the business process

During this stage, we distinguish the needs of the client, prepare the documentation, and describe the preliminary functional and technical specifications of the future system. After the examination of the company information flows and processes, we provide a “Detailed elaboration of the functional requirements”, under which, the new system will be created or the software currently in use at the company will be adapted to.


With the help of the information gathered during the business process analysis, we highlight the functional and non-functional requirements and describe the functions of the future system. The prepared project is sent for evaluation, after which, the project is either approved or sent back for corrections. After the full compliance of the project with the needs of the client, the final budget and timetable for the project stages is agreed upon.

Project implementation

The project is implemented in accordance with the previously agreed timetable during the system creation stages, listed during the design period. This is the most stage and requires the largest amount of time.


Prior to the implementation of the system into the hardware of the client, we input or import the data necessary for the compatibility of the system and perform a thorough test of it. All of the errors are corrected immediately.

Installation and support

After the completion of the tests and ensuring that the system is free from errors, the system is installed into the hardware of the client. Where necessary, we introduce the personnel of the company with the working principles and benefits provided by the system, and also consult them on any issues related to the system. On the request of the client, we provide a continuous support of the system.