The system allowing the circulation of gift coupons that are sold at a shopping centre has been implemented. A buyer purchases a gift coupon at a gift coupon selling point located within the shopping centre, afterwards, passes (gifts) the said gift coupon to the receiver who then submits the gift coupon at a store located within the shopping centre. The store accepts the submitted gift coupon, verifies it, and provides the services or goods attached to that gift coupon. Afterwards, the service provider settles with the sellers according to the delivery and acceptance certificate for the accepted gift coupons.


• Possibility to sell gift coupons at every commercial location within the shopping centre

• Real-time submission of the gift acceptance and transfer reports on the gift coupons for the tenants and management of the shopping centre

• The creators of the software assume full responsibility for conducted financial transactions, their safety, and accuracy

• Training for tenants, sellers and management

• Streamlined accounting operations (Rivilė software system)

• Supervision for selling and accepting gift coupons

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Solution facilitating checkout services for gift coupons at every store and service location located within the shopping centre