Implementation of an IT solution designed for the delivery of greetings that is comprised of the addressee database and tools necessary for managing the said databases, delivery service and also a delivery service management terminal. All of the tools necessary for the management of the addressee data (input, edit, deletion, search of the addressee), editing the greeting postcard, and event creation are implemented within the delivery service terminal. Every postcard can be individually applied to any event with a separate address, it is also possible to designate recipient groups according to their gender and/or age. The system automatically locates the name of the addressee and changes its inflection accordingly.


• The system automatically sends greeting postcards to every client according to the specified occasions, therefore, the user can be assured that all of their clients will be accounted for

• Automated personalisation of addresses leave a positive impression of the buyer for their clients

• The possibility to edit events and postcards crate a universal and long-lasting system


To create an automated greeting system for sending greetings via e. mail. The functionality of the system should allow for the formation of basic greeting templates, management of people database whom the greeting postcards are sent to, and also to allow for the creation of events for which the greetings are sent. The system should allow for the possibility to arrange the recipients of the greetings in to groups according to age and gender, and also to specify the window for the sending duration.