Creation of internet websites

      Website creation is a creation kit that comprises of programming, graphical design, and content management system for selecting or adapting that content together with a text content creation kit that results in a website catering to your needs. From now on, your business card on the internet will not only represent your services or goods but will also have a direct impact on your sales. How is a website created?

Target, tools and an idea

CBS are selling ideas that are brought to life using a wide spectrum of services. During an open dialogue, we discuss the preliminary aspects of the website and also select the appropriate measures for the implementation of set targets. The needs of the client are reworded in to a new internet project concept and new key features of the website are foreseen. Based on the information on hand, we form the architecture for the whole project.

The path from the start to the end result

Not only is the website born here, it is also being brought up to full autonomy. We take care of all the task necessary for the creation of the project from the start to the end: unique design creation by use of the necessary programming language, implementation of the essential and supplementary functions that ensure a smooth operation of the website, and taking care of a convenient content management system.

Website content management system

Content management systems (CMS) are designed for a convenient management of the displayed information, graphical objects, and links on your website. You can select from either a simple content management system for beginners or a complex paid system for experienced users. The system is adapted according to the specific needs of your company, and is adjusted accordingly to the content management solutions that enable you to perform the essential website management actions.

Your wishes have no bounds because the target of our team at CBS is to implement the house, office or a store of your dreams on the internet. The most frequently created types of websites:

      • A representative website to display the goods or services you provide

      • E-store for quick and convenient trading

      • Business to business (B2) system that meets the needs of your business partners

      • News or advertisement portal for displaying a large amount of frequently updated information