Construction project management system is a specialized IT solution designed for efficient and streamlined management for the operations of the construction sector at the company. All of the construction projects undertaken by the company and information related to them is recorded using a streamlined graphical interface of the system. The graphical user interface is designed in such a way that would require the user to input as little information as possible as well as to have to perform as few actions as possible. All of the complex calculations, information interpretation, and structuring operations are performed autonomously by the system itself. According to the status of the project and the available information, the system notifies the users about the projects that require their immediate attention. The integrated e. mail module within the system will automatically notify the persons concerned on all the important events of the projects. The system generates reports on overtime and time spent of every employee on every project that could afterwards be used for employee time sheets and easy application for accounting of time records. The integrated document management module allows for storing and also, where necessary, to quickly find all of the documents related to the construction projects at the system servers.

• System terminals enable easy access to the ongoing order information and streamlined supervision of the ongoing order progress

• Recording employee time sheets and actual work costs ensure project management supervision and help reduce the need for human resources

• Automated notification system for persons concerned

• Simple and streamlined graphical interface of the system terminals reduce the need for employees training on use of the said system to a minimum

• Registration function for every performed action ensures a fast process of determining the employees responsible for certain actions


To create an IT solution that would allow the device construction division of the company to quickly and efficiently register all of the information related to the construction projects. The graphical interface of the system has to be streamlined and intuitively manageable even by a user with low computer literacy skills. All of the information has to be entered in stages reflecting the actual project progress. The system has to be able to generate structured reports of time spent by employees in .xls format